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Platform Computing acquires MPI business from Scali AS

Platform Computing has acquired the Scali MPI business from Norway-based Scali AS. MPI is an API specification for building high performance parallel applications 

Scali MPI Connect is a fully integrated implementation of the MPI standard and is well established across many industries. Scali MPI has been successfully implemented in large and demanding HPC applications in industries such as electronics, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, government and research, education, life sciences and financial services.

Platform MPI will exist within the Platform Accelerate suite of products, which includes Platform LSF and Platform Symphony. This additional offering supports Platform’s strategy to continue providing customers with the highest performing enterprise-scale solutions. The Scali MPI acquisition follows the 2007 purchase of Scali Manage, which provided Platform with a cluster management solution. Integrating Scali MPI with Platform LSF, Platform will further expand its tradition of delivering leading-edge technology to meet customer and industry demands.

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