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Pharma company implements LIMS for drug metabolism studies

A major pharmaceutical company has implemented Debra 5.7.7, the latest release of LabLogic Systems' LIMS for drug metabolism studies. Recent developments in the software, in particular the new protein binding and pooling modules, will bring efficiency improvements to the company's research centres in Switzerland and the USA, which have been using Debra 5.4 since 2002.

For the last few years the USA research centre has also been using LabLogic's Laura 4 radiochromatography software package, but with the disadvantage that all data had to be stored on 20 standalone workstations. As part of the upgrade project, a centralised database is being introduced so that data and methods can be shared easily between HPLC workstations and data can be imported into Debra.

The company opted to use LabLogic's validation services to implement Debra 5.7.7, just as it did for the 5.4 release that it has used until now. 'LabLogic's people have handled the whole evaluation process very expertly,' said the company's project manager. 'They showed a good understanding of our working practices and collaborated with us to ensure that our company-specific functionality was retained.

'Using LabLogic's validation services meant that the new software was implemented with the minimum of delay, and all our internal users have been trained in how to get the best out of the software.'


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