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Pfizer buys Ariadne Pathway Studio Enterprise

Pfizer has purchased a multi-site license for Pathway Studio Enterprise.

Pfizer is going to use it to assemble reference networks of biological interactions from internal and public data sources for interpretation of experimental results throughout its research facilities.

Pathway Studio Enterprise includes functionality to import and analyse microarray and proteomics data, and includes the Ariadne ResNet database, a collection of interaction data retrieved by MedScan technology from PubMed and open-text journals. Pfizer additionally purchased a copy of Prolexys Human Interaction Database, a proprietary high-confidence source of human protein interactions built by Prolexys, using Y2H technology and repackaged for Pathway Studio.

‘Pathway Studio provides Pfizer researchers with easy access to publicly available scientific information, and a way to integrate our proprietary data along with third party high-onfidence data such as the Human Interaction Database from Prolexys. We can also integrate Pathway Studio with in-house tools to assemble targeted data sets for research in specific disease, biomarker, and drug related topics,’ said Giles Day, senior director of Target and Mechanism Informatics at Pfizer.


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