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OpenFabrics Software gains ground on Top500

The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) has announced that some 224 supercomputers on the TOP500 list are using OpenFabrics Software (OFS) in their high performance computing clusters – including two of the top 10.

Clusters using OFA’s OFS driver stacks and application libraries achieve the highest performance of all clusters using standard interconnects. According to the list, OFS is present in the following:

  • 224 clusters, 45 per cent of the Top500 list;

  • All 10 of the standards-based Petascale systems; and

  • 86 per cent of the accelerator-based systems.

'The results from the Top500 are a clear indication that OFS adoption continues to grow and is the leading open-source software stack for running applications over InfiniBand, iWARP and RoCE,' said Jim Ryan, chairman of OFA. 'The success of OFS is due to the hard work of OFA members and users, whose mission is to identify and implement the highest-performing interconnect in the industry.'

OpenFabrics Software delivers remote DMA (RDMA) data transfer and kernel bypass to improve server efficiency and application performance for high-performance computing and data centre environments running InfiniBand, iWARP or RoCE.

Better application performance delivers a better return on not just the interconnect investment, but by making servers more efficient, OFS enables a better return on the entire data centre investment. Additionally, better server and application performance enables data centers to use less servers leading to increased energy efficiency and reduced power consumption.

The Top500 list is published twice a year and ranks the most powerful and advanced supercomputer performance and architectures.

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