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Oil and gas project employs LIMS to manage sampling process

Sakhalin Energy, running one of the largest integrated oil and gas projects in the world, has invested in LIMS software to manage the sampling process from upstream through to sample report for its main laboratory located at its liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant/oil export terminal (OET), as well as in upstream satellite laboratories. The Sakhalin II Project, located on Sakhalin Island in Russia's Far East, includes a partnership incorporating the recovery, production and transportation of oil and LNG. Sakhalin Energy is using Thermo Fisher Scientific's SampleManager LIMS.

Sunil Pandya, head of laboratory at Sakhalin Energy, explained: 'Our laboratory has well-defined procedures for essential quality control work, for scheduling samples, to manage resources and reporting on samples. Any data required by the business is automatically available from the LIMS with sophisticated automatic data transfer. SampleManager LIMS is used to interface seamlessly with critical IT systems including Sakhalin Energy's corporate Energy Components package and process information (PI) system for efficient reporting and documentation support.'

The laboratory at Sakhalin II has to operate according to GLP/OECD guidelines and uses SampleManager to demonstrate its procedural conformity. Sakhalin Energy staff use SampleManager LIMS to manage the data from the thousands of samples that are required throughout the sampling stages on Sakhalin Island. Plans call for some instruments to be connected into the LIMS so that reports can be accessed centrally and instruments can be scheduled for calibration from within the LIMS. The data from the facility's state-of-the-art equipment, including all instrumentation, is all directly transferred into the LIMS. SampleManager is tasked with storing and tracking data processed in the laboratory. The LIMS is also used for data trending and analysis, to identify when product is moving out of specification.

Pandya concluded: 'Our laboratories have been designed from the ground up to support this site – this project represents the new frontier in oil and gas development and our laboratory needed a LIMS that was proven to be reliable in this environment and dependable for the future of the project.'


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