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Nvidia Tesla attracts thousands of HPC users

Thousands of CUDA developers in the HPC community are using a GPU computing platform that was announced just one year ago. 

With more than 60,000 downloads of the C-compiler to date, the combination of CUDA and Tesla technologies has made it the most rapidly adopted GPU computing technology platform in the HPC community.

‘GPU Computing is coming at a time when we are running out of gas for time-critical forecasts on conventional clusters,’ said National Center of Atmospheric Research’s John Michalakes, lead software developer for the Weather Research & Forecasting Model. ‘We aim to cut the time for a forecast by at least a factor of two as we incorporate Nvidia’s GPU computing technology into more of WRF. I expect the affect of accelerators in weather and climate modelling will be transformative.’

This year Nvidia has introduced its second-generation platform, the new Tesla 10 series computing solutions. Binary compatible and supporting the industry standard language of C, the new products enable developers to solve their computational challenges in a common and familiar development environment that scales effortlessly from one generation to the next with no re-coding required.

The new Tesla product family includes the Tesla S1070 1U computing system and the Tesla C1060 computing processor and includes: up to 4 Teraflops per 1U system; double precision: IEEE 754 arithmetic support; double the memory: with 16Gb of memory per 1U system and up to 3x the power efficiency: for a more efficient computing environment.

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