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New distributor agreement for Labtronics

Labtronics has appointed Applied Biosystems, developers of SQL*LIMS P4, as distributors of Labtronics' Nexxis qELN Electronic Laboratory Notebook for QA/QC laboratories, as part of the long standing partnership agreement between the two organisations.

Nexxis qELN introduces a new breed of informatics technology that uses a web-based client to make instrument data capture and procedural compliance easier for end users by integrating laboratory systems, with instruments, people and manual procedures, in real time.

This partnership agreement will further extend the functionality and flexibility of SQL*LIMS by connecting directly with the analysts and all information and data sources in the lab, as analyses are being carried out.

SQL*LIMS users will be able to use the Nexxis web client to select work lists from SQL*LIMS, review an SOP from a document management system, and then be guided through each step of the analysis in a completely controlled fashion. Control of work schedules and resources will be completely automatic so that the right decisions are always made. Potential errors are caught in real time before they happen, instead of days or weeks later during a review.


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