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National Instruments hails NIWeek as a success

National Instruments have reported the successful completion of the 16th annual NIWeek graphical system design conference and exhibition. Speaking to a record crowd of more than 3,000 engineers and scientists, NI executives and engineers demonstrated new products and technologies which, the company says, help users to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

Dr James Truchard, president, CEO and cofounder of NI, opened the event by outlining the ways in which NI is taking advantage of advances in computing to deliver an ecosystem of highly-integrated software and hardware, increasing performance while decreasing cost, complexity and the time spent getting solutions to market. He explained how well-integrated tools such as LabView and CompactRio deliver the efficiency customers need so they have more time to create real solutions that address the world’s engineering challenges.

Alongside Truchard and the other NI executives, NI engineers demonstrated projects that are in-development, including product concepts for using mobile devices and cloud computing technologies for real-time, distributed data acquisition. The team also demonstrated the new LabView FPGA compile farm toolkit and LabView FPGA cloud compile service beta, which will make it possible for engineers to assign FPGA-compiling tasks to remote servers. Other demonstrations showed new driver technologies for facilitating hardware support across multiple operating systems including Mac and Linux, advanced RF measurement technology and a PXI multi-chassis communication protocol for high-performance computing.


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