National Centre for Mental Health deploys IDBS solution

The National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH) in Wales has received delivery of IDBS’ Enterprise Translational Medicine Solution (ETMS), a single platform that will integrate clinical, biobanking and genetic data in support of research to improve disease understanding and accelerate the treatment of mental health disorders.

Hosted by Cardiff University, the NCMH has established the Wales Mental Health Network (WMHN), which is recruiting 6,000 volunteers over the next two years to take part in vital research. During the study, approximately 300 clinical attributes will be captured for each person including medical history, family history, medication and therapy. The ETMS platform will unify patient, sample and genetic results into a data landscape that ensures consistent analysis across the varied and complex data sets involved.

A wide range of analyses can be conducted in the platform, from survival analysis (Kaplan–Meier) to genetic analysis routines such as GWAS and CNV (Genome-Wide Association Studies and Copy Number Variation), enabling clinicians and researchers to build a cohort, run efficient analyses and view the results in minutes rather than months.

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