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National Cancer Institute and ESTools implement gene expression platform

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and ESTools consortium, a European group of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell researchers, have purchased a site-wide license for Integromics' RT-qPCR (real time quantitative polymerase chain reaction) data analysis solution, RealTime StatMiner.

Researchers will use this gene expression software technology to perform accelerated and validated bioinformatics analysis effectively to gain new insights in the ever-advancing cancer research and discovery field. The solution will allow researchers to perform a standardised analysis of the functional gene expression data thereby offering a unified platform to look at gene expression.

'RealTime StatMiner software v4.0 has helped us to streamline our qPCR data analyses, giving us greater confidence in the results,' said Professor Peter Andrews, coordinator of ESTools. 'In particular, it has given us a way to analyse data from Applied Biosystems TaqMan Array Cards quickly and to provide robust methods for comparing the phenotype of different cell lines to specific standards.'

These licenses mean that Integromics now has more than 300 research labs using its RealTime StatMiner, giving several hundred individual users a high performance tool to further their research. Integromics has also launched its RealTime StatMiner Free Edition. The Free Edition contains features that will enable researchers to gain experience of some of the RealTime StatMiner benefits without committing to purchasing the software.


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