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Multi-strand approach to proteomics

Nonlinear Dynamics has created a new strategy for proteomics research using multiple techniques. The decision follows research that showed results gained from 2D image analysis and liquid chromatography fed mass spectrometry (LC/MS) overlap by just 10 per cent.

In addition, the statistical tests used must be carefully selected to provide valid results. To achieve this, Nonlinear Dynamics has expanded its Progenesis range of proteomics software with a variety of analysis tools.

Will Dracup, CEO of Nonlinear Dynamics, said, ‘So far proteomics has struggled to provide results everyone believes that it should be capable of. We have been working on a strategy to help tackle this issue for years now and it’s great to be finally rolling it out.’

An upgrade of Progenesis SameSpots for 2D image analysis provides improvements in speed, objectivity and statistical power, while the launch of Progenesis LC-MS expression analysis software provides a similar workflow for mass spectroscopy. In addition, Progenesis Stats provides multivariate statistical analysis to detect key biological information in the data.


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