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Mongolian centre orders Cray supercomputer

The National Agency of Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring (NAMEM) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, has ordered a Cray XE6m supercomputer.

NAMEM specialises in weather forecasting and climate projection integration in Mongolia, and will use its Cray XE6m system to perform regional weather and climate models for operational and research purposes.

The Mongolian terrain consists of steep mountains and rolling plateaus, and the country’s weather is characterised by extreme variability in both short-term weather and multi-year averages. With an economic sector that relies heavily on weather and climate for livestock and arable farming, a compelling need exists for a supercomputer capable of producing high-resolution weather forecasts. The Cray XE6m system will give NAMEM the supercomputing resources necessary for increasing the resolution and accuracy of its weather forecasts and high-impact, extreme events. In addition to superior performance and reliability, NAMEM selected the Cray XE6m system over conventional commodity clusters due to the full-featured system software and application development environment.

Expected to be delivered to NAMEM later this year, the Cray XE6m supercomputer will include the upcoming AMD Opteron processors codenamed 'Interlagos'.

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