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Michelin uses visualisation to develop tyre range

Michelin has developed dedicated tyre analysis software solutions using Open Inventor from VSG. These solutions need to be very interactive and the visualisation of 3D nonlinear data must be accurate to validate design solutions.

Michelin Finite Element Analysis (FEA) post-processing tools have been developed using the Open Inventor by VSG library. It provides advantages such as: the availability of advanced modules‚ e.g. MeshViz XLM; heterogeneous platform compatibility (Unix, Linux, Windows); C++ API, and a support team and training programme.

Open Inventor technology is fully integrated in Michelin simulation software. It offers sophisticated visualisation capabilities for in-depth post-processing and exploration of nonlinear simulation results.

Data is recovered from the FEA solver result database and displayed by selecting a region of interest in the tyre, either in 3D or 2D space.


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