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Mellanox continues to dominate Top500 list

Mellanox Technologies, a supplier of interconnect solutions for data centre servers and storage systems, says it has continued its leadership as the global interconnect provider for the Top500 list of supercomputers.

Overall, the number of Mellanox FDR InfiniBand-connected systems grew 3.3 times from June 2012 to June 2013, and Mellanox FDR InfiniBand accelerates the top four InfiniBand-based systems on the list, showing the increasing demand for higher performance, scalability and efficiency.

Mellanox says its ConnectX and Connect-IB InfiniBand adapters and SwitchX-based switch systems optimise server and storage performance and provide the scalable, low-latency, and power-efficient interconnect for the world’s fastest supercomputers, connecting nearly 50 per cent (16 systems) of all 33 petascale-based systems.

The advanced offloads and accelerations within Mellanox InfiniBand solutions enable the most performance-efficient systems on the Top500 list, at nearly 96 per cent system and CPU efficiency.

'We are pleased to see the increased adoption of our FDR InfiniBand interconnect solutions by the world’s fastest supercomputers,' said Eyal Waldman, president and CEO of Mellanox Technologies.

'FDR InfiniBand delivers today the highest performance for high-performance computing, cloud, Web 2.0, database and storage applications. Our interconnect solutions connect nearly half of the world’s petaflop systems, demonstrating the high system efficiency and scalability that our interconnect provides. We continue with our development efforts to bring the next generation of 100Gb/s interconnect solutions, which are expected to be released in 2014/2015 time frame.'

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