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Matereality adds laboratory information management to its material data management software

The latest release of Matereality Version 12 software can be used in conjunction with eLim, a new bolt-on for companies to manage and operate their test labs. eLim is a web-based software where engineers in the enterprise can browse test catalogues and submit clearly defined test orders that can be carried out by the lab technicians without ambiguity.

Combined with features to schedule and track the progress of lab work, eLim leverages all the capability of the Matereality software from test data capture, to data analysis, to report creation and delivery - all on a single platform. eLim can be bolted on to Matereality material data management software to digitalise and streamline the materials and processes side of the enterprise. Diverse teams of technical staff can collaborate seamlessly while using personalised environments and toolsets that have been purposed specifically for their daily tasks.

‘Digitalisation is being applied to all aspects of enterprises today. Enormous benefits in operational efficiency, productivity and accuracy can be achieved by going fully digital, where a complete infrastructure exists to handle all the data that emanates from daily tasks,’ says Hubert Lobo, president of Matereality. The handling of technical information is one of the last frontiers of digitalisation because of the complexity and diversity of the information that must be captured. Matereality's patented software creates a digital bridge from labs to databases to product development, facilitating challenging tasks with proven, field-tested reliability. Systems such as these can be used to operate and improve manufacturing, testing, design and simulation, and product development.

Lab information management systems (LIMS) have been in use for a few decades, but in the absence of a bridge between lab software and enterprise material databases, both systems get underutilised. eLim is built on the practical understanding of running lab operations from DatapointLabs, a world leader in the testing of materials. The Matereality software remains strongly tied to simulation and product development teams because of the ability to convert data to simulation-ready material files and connectivity to all major simulation and design (CAD/CAE) codes.

Applus+ Software, which is developed by Applus+ DatapointLabs Technical Center for Materials, includes the Matereality, eLim, and PicSci brands, representing digitalisation infrastructures for materials & processes, test labs, and R&D labs. All infrastructures utilise a common platform that allows for highly integrated operations on a robust environment within the enterprise or on the cloud.


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