Maplesoft in partnership with VI-grade

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A new partnership between Maplesoft and VI-grade aims to make real-time modelling applications more cost and time-effective by integrating MapleSim models with the VI-CarRealTime framework.

MapleSim is an advanced physical modelling and simulation tool built on a foundation of symbolic computation technology. It efficiently handles all of the complex mathematics involved in the development of engineering models, including multi-domain systems, plant modelling, and control design. VI-CarRealTime provides a fully validated real-time vehicle simulation environment that can be used by automotive engineers to optimise vehicle designs and control system performance. By using VI-CarRealTime, vehicle dynamics engineers can also perform large Design of Experiments (DOE) and multi-objective optimisation studies quickly and easily.

The VI-CarRealTime environment provides a readily available full-vehicle model that allows MapleSim users to easily implement their subsystem models without having to build the vehicle model themselves. Also, vehicle chassis parameters are transferred directly from ADAMS/Car into VI-CarRealTime, thus providing a way of rapidly integrating ADAMS/Car models with multi-domain system models from MapleSim. MapleSim allows VI-Grade costumers to rapidly develop detailed models of their own vehicle subsystems and replace the default subsystem models in VI-CarRealTime with these models. In this way, the effect of dynamic behaviour of that subsystem on the whole vehicle can be assessed and incorporated into the complete HIL application.