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LMS showcases its hybrid vehicle simulation solution at SAE 2009 Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Symposium

LMS, the engineering innovation company, has presented its extended solution for hybrid vehicles at the SAE 2009 Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Symposium in San Diego, California. With its portfolio of simulation solutions, LMS offers both OEMs and suppliers the tools required to develop cost-efficient hybrid vehicles that meet stringent CO2 and other emission targets while maintaining brand traits such as performance, quality and reliability. More specifically, LMS Imagine.Lab Hybrid Vehicle solution helps engineers analyse power management, electric systems and engine-sizing to determine the best architecture for hybrid powertrain systems, while taking vehicle thermal management into account.

Already in use in France, LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim helped Continental Automotive develop and validate a mild-hybrid vehicle model for CO2 emissions predictions. This simulator also allowed Continental Automotive to achieve a complete and detailed energy balance in the vehicle, define the relevance of a new component, and develop, validate and pre-calibrate control functions.

'The LMS simulation solution enabled Continental Automotive to estimate the potential of a new product to reduce CO2 emissions for a given configuration - a crucial answer for customers like us,' stated Hervé Dupont, advanced development for engine systems at Continental Automotive.


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