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LMS partners with von Karman Institute for fluid dynamics

LMS has partnered up with the Brussels-based von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI). This collaboration will promote joint research, technology and development projects and consultancy activities in aero-acoustic modelling and testing.

It combines LMS' numerical vibro-acoustics simulation and data acquisition expertise and VKI's wind-tunnel testing, measurement techniques and flow phenomena modeling know-how.

VKI's knowledge of environmental and applied fluid dynamics, wind technology, measurement techniques and flow phenomena simulation will help LMS develop and validate new methods and software technology. LMS' expertise in the field of numerical vibro-acoustics and data acquisition technologies brings considerable value and application knowledge to VKI research projects. Formalising a five-year collaboration in acoustics and fluid dynamics, the joint LMS-VKI association will focus on consultancy projects and research and development activities in aero-acoustics and fluid-structural interaction for both simulation and testing applications. In the aero-acoustics field, these activities cover heating, ventilation and air-conditioning projects, whereas fluid-structural interaction applications are useful in wind noise transmission research.  

'VKI started research activities in aero-acoustics more than a decade ago, mainly combining experimental and theoretical approaches. Our cooperation with LMS helped us to efficiently and quickly launch Computational Aero-Acoustics (CAA) activities thanks to the LMS acoustic solver techniques and our expertise in computational fluid dynamics. I am sure that the LMS-VKI partnership will strongly support industrial customers in the aero-acoustics field. The VKI educational program has already benefited from our partnership. Our students are being trained using the LMS software,' stated Jérôme Anthoine, aero-acoustics group leader at VKI.

LMS Engineering Services and VKI are already working together on joint consultancy activities for energy production, steel, HVAC systems, gas distribution and ground, air, and rail transportation.

In terms of research and development, LMS and VKI have recently invested in a high-performance computing facility, comprising 48 nodes in a SGI Altix 1U rack-mounted server with 12 quad-cores Intel Xeon 2.5 GHz (96 Gb RAM and InfiniBand) to support its shared research projects. This facility, located at the VKI, can be remotely accessed and has already been used by the research team in the European research projects, SIMVIA2 and AETHER. 


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