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Linvision joins Bright Computing network

Linvision has joined the Bright Computing partner network, to serve customers across Benelux, France and Germany.

Based in the Netherlands, Linvision HPC is a leader in the design, build, integration and support of high-performance computing (HPC) systems, ranging from standalone servers to complex clusters. With 17 years of experience, Linvision's deep understanding of the HPC market enables the company to offer customers the best technical solutions, along with in-depth knowledge and excellent client support. The company was founded in 1999 as a “techno starter” from the Delft University of Technology.

Linvision has partnered with Bright Computing to improve the way that its customers deploy and manage HPC clusters. Linvision customers are largely in the enterprise and research organisations who work within strict budgets and under the pressure of deadlines. 

Clemens Engler, business development director at Bright Computing, commented: 'Linvision has a lot of experience providing HPC solutions to the enterprise market and understands the challenges that customers face when deploying and managing HPC. We look forward to collaborating with Linvision to address new business opportunities across Europe.'

Karin Peeters, CEO at Linvision, added: 'At Linvision, we see a high demand from organisations for state of the art HPC systems that enable projects to be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively. I’m excited that Bright and Linvision can enter this market together, to see how we can support our customers with their evolving business challenges.'


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