LIMS helps siRNA facility increase throughput

EE-LIMS from Stone Bond Technologies will document activities within the laboratory workflow at the siRNA facility, increasing throughput, while reducing risks.

The newly established Small Interfering Ribonucleic Acid (siRNA) Facility at MD Anderson Cancer Center has been charged with providing high quality siRNA screening services for both internal and external customers.

MD Anderson has chosen Stone Bond Technologies’ EE-LIMS to document activities within the laboratory workflow at its siRNA facility, increasing throughput, while reducing the risk of errors, and providing automation for the management of operations in its siRNA Laboratory.

As one of the newest fields in the study of nucleic acids, small interfering RNA has shown considerable potential in laboratory studies to change how diseases are treated. Considering how difficult it is to work with these molecules and the specialised equipment devoted to their isolation and study, labs specialising in this area have a strong need to document the work that goes into producing genetic data that corresponds to the RNA in a given sample.

Stone Bond's LIMS is a web-based laboratory information management system. Built on Stone Bond's Enterprise Enabler integration platform, EE-LIMS automates laboratory workflows, invoicing, data and sample tracking, collections and other business processes to help laboratories reduce overhead and administrative costs.

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