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LIMS is demonstrated on Google Chrome

LabWare has demonstrated LabWare LIMS on the recently-announced Google Chrome web browser. 


LabWare LIMS is a functionally rich, multi-tiered application used in hundreds of enterprise implementations around the world. Today's software users are increasingly demanding access to their applications from any location using a wide variety of devices such as tablet PCs, PDAs and even mobile phones. In addition, competition among web browsers is increasing and the latest entrant is the Chrome web browser from Google. LabWare recognised the Java EE standard and techniques such as AJAX programming meet this customer demand without sacrificing a rich user environment.   


The demonstration of LabWare's WebLIMS web browser interface on Google Chrome is an important proof of that approach. LabWare LIMS WebLIMS interface delivers a rich user experience with a 'zero footprint' client. The recent demonstration showed LIMS functionality operating without modification of either the LIMS application or the Google Chrome web browser; no downloads or software plug-ins of any kind were required. The demonstration is a bold proof statement of the Java EE standard, LabWare’s zero-footprint design and the open-standards based design of the Chrome web browser.


LabWare’s Web LIMS interface provides its customers the ability to easily deliver the LIMS functionality of their current implementations to end users using a web-based architecture without the need to completely re-implement their current LIMS. This approach provides the technical leap many customers are seeking without the high cost of a new enterprise application implementation.


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