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LIMS company links with billing software provider

ChemWare, a LIMS company specialising in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) information management software for the forensic toxicology and pain management industry, is entering a strategic alliance with Healthpac Computer Systems to further enhance the integration between the laboratory and its billing partners.

ChemWare's Horizon enables secure, reliable and real-time exchange of critical health data between the laboratory and its partner billing agencies.

'As the standards and expectations for proper billing and insurance procedures become more complex, the integration with medical billing software systems has become a critical element in the overall laboratory IT system's landscape,' said Conor Ward, director, business development, ChemWare. 'At ChemWare we seek out partners who share the same industry focus and offer complementary software solutions that can be tailored to securely exchange data using industry standard protocols. Healthpac's track record for developing innovative solutions to manage medical billing made for an ideal partnership.'

Horizon acts as the hub for all laboratory testing information and seamlessly transmits patient demographic, test results and invoice details to the Healthpac System. All data transmissions between Horizon and Healthpac software conform to HL7 standards for clinical and healthcare information systems. Healthpac software enables the end-user to process claims electronically, manage receivables and develop 'claims solutions' that help ensure payment the first time a claim is filed. Returns on insurance claims will increase as compliancy rules and regulations set by Medicare are maintained.


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