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Law enforcement agency selects LIMS and SDMS

A government law enforcement agency in the Pacific Rim has invested $1.2m in a Starlims web-based LIMS and SDMS product.

One of the key aims of the project is to enable the nationwide examination of casework concerning personal identification - in particular managing the data generated from the forensic DNA analysis of various biological samples including bloodstains, other bodily fluid samples, tissues, etc. The Starlims forensic LIMS and SDMS will be deployed at the national research centre, facilitating information management and single-search data mining for the entire range of forensic disciplines. The enterprise-level Starlims system will be augmented by the Starlims Forensic Appliance, which will be installed throughout the agency's regional police departments.

'We are delighted that this government law enforcement agency has chosen Starlims for its nationwide implementation,' said Jeff Ferguson, COO of Starlims. 'In addition to representing a significant step forward in our expansion in Asian markets, this decision also further validates that our forensic solutions match the needs of this highly regulated environment.'


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