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Lancaster University selects HPC solution

Lancaster University is using Platform HPC Enterprise Edition, with the help of Viglen, to support its enterprise-class HPC set-up. Lancaster University has been an HPC user for several years, but decided to adopt a more strategic and centralised approach when it began looking at refreshing and upgrading its resources in 2009. The new HPC resources will allow Lancaster University to maintain an enviable record in cutting edge computer-based research. This ranges from fundamental physics and quantum transport in carbon nanotubes, to deeply human studies such as bioinformatics, financial market modelling and the analysis of labour markets, with a rich spectrum of results in between.

Through a four-year framework agreement as sole supplier of high end computer systems with Viglen, Lancaster University will have a close relationship with both Platform Computing and Viglen, benefiting from world-class HPC management software and hardware designed for high-end computing facilities, 24-hour support and a commercially-supported solution that will have an overall impact on reducing total cost of ownership and improving efficiency.

Professor Roger Jones, director of high end computing, Lancaster University, said: 'Lancaster has established itself as a major centre for computer-based research. With this new facility, we will be able push forward with problems that require lots of processing power, huge data volumes or both.'

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