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LabWare banks on biobanking

LabWare is increasing its presence in the biobank market sector and expects to see significant growth in this area during 2008.    

LabWare has expanded its LIMS application library to include a specialised module for storage location management, which is integrated with LabWare’s LIMS, study management and data acquisition capabilities.    

In a recent project at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, LabWare LIMS is being deployed to support research and biobanking for research groups in Stockholm both at the Institute and related hospitals.    

In addition to providing storage location management features, LabWare LIMS will also be used for donor management, plate management, analytical testing, document management and other activities. The system will be used by many different laboratory and biobanking areas, all co-existing on a single shared database.

Nick Townsend, director of Life-Sciences at LabWare, said: ‘We are witnessing a rapid increase in the number of biobanks and many are eager to implement software to assist their work.’


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