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Kyoto University to receive new Cray supercomputer

The Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (ACCMS) at Kyoto University, Japan, will take delivery of a 300-teraflops Cray XE6 supercomputer in 2012, and a 400-teraflops version, code-named Cascade, in 2014.

The new Cray system at Kyoto University will be operated by researchers and engineers at the ACCMS, which conducts research and development related to the advanced use of information technology infrastructure and information media. ACCMS has four research departments for networking, multimedia oriented educational computer systems, academic digital contents, and supercomputing. ACCMS will use its new Cray supercomputer for large applications that require high levels of performance and scalability, meeting the demanding needs of not only the university, but also of the nationwide educational and research institutes and the thousands of users in them.

'Our centre is focused on advanced research and education, and we are pleased to be able to provide our nationwide academic users with the innovative computational resources of the Cray XE6 supercomputer,' said Professor Hiroshi Nakashima, director of the Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies. 'The mission of ACCMS is not only to apply direct research products and advanced technologies obtained through research to the infrastructural and multimedia IT systems in Kyoto University, but also to provide them to the nationwide academic community with which we pursue collaborative research. Cray’s advanced supercomputing technology will play an integral role in support of our mission.'

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