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Kingston University turns to National Instruments to support engineering course

Kingston University has purchased 30 National Instruments Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suites (ELVIS) to equip its laboratories for its new mechatronic engineering course.

'We chose to standardise on NI hardware and software tools in order to provide the best learning experience for our engineering students,' said Gordana Collier, senior lecturer at Kingston University. 'Our strategy is to adopt an "applied approach to teaching and research", which was the driving force behind the investment. We are very passionate about hands-on, project-based learning being more engaging and producing better skilled, better prepared engineers for the workplace. NI ELVIS, LabVIEW and Multisim help us deliver this experience to students and more effectively support their learning.'

Head of School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Professor Andrzej Ordys pointed out: 'Our MSc in mechatronics combines strong theoretical background with practical hands-on experience. We believe that this addresses the needs of students and employers. Moreover, we are seeing an ever increasing importance of applied electronics in virtually all engineering disciplines; for example in the automotive industry. Thus it is our imperative to enhance the electronics content and delivery in all our courses, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Furthermore, the NI equipment has already proven very useful in our research projects.'

NI ELVIS, based on National Instruments LabVIEW, features an integrated suite of 12 instruments in one compact form factor and is ideal for hands-on learning. Educators use NI ELVIS to teach concepts in circuit design, instrumentation, control, telecommunications and embedded/MCU theory.

Each NI ELVIS in Kingston’s lab is accompanied by a Freescale microprocessor teaching board. Several experiments from Quansar, including an inverted pendulum are also used with NI ELVIS. A suite of 15 National Instruments CompactRIOs have been deployed in research and teaching of advanced control.

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