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KAUST unveils advanced visualisation centre

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has worked with Mechdyne to create advanced visualisation facilities at its Geometric Modelling and Scientific Visualisation Research Centre.

With seven collaborative environments supporting high-resolution, 3D stereoscopic imaging capability, including a 100 million pixel, six-sided immersive virtual reality room, KAUST has realised several world firsts for advanced visualisation. Researchers and students from around the world will have unmatched capability to transform data sets into rich three-dimensional (3D) visual information. KAUST, a graduate-level research university in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (80km north of Jeddah), selected Mechdyne to provide complete visualisation systems, a graphics computing cluster and a control room/recording centre housed at the University's Al-Khawarzimi Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Engineering Building. The centre, which KAUST developed in collaboration with the University of California San Diego, underlies the new university's commitment to provide the world's best tools for research into some of the most challenging questions in science and technology.

Among other projects, the centre will develop virtual environments for interactive visual exploration of three-dimensional geological structures, dynamic seismic processes and atmospheric processes and effects on built or planned infrastructure.

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