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Kane signs FPGA sales agreement

Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) and GiDEL have signed a sales distribution agreement for KCL to sell GiDEL’s PROC family of reconfigurable processors and software tools and libraries in the UK.  The GiDEL PROC boards feature high performance and flexible designs based on the latest FPGA computing technology.  The PROC boards are complemented by a range of daughtercards (PSDB modules) including DSP modules, prototyping modules and a wide range of interface modules.The PROC range includes single FPGA to quad FPGA boards based on PCI, PCI Express, stand-alone or multi-board architectures.  The advanced and powerful range of tools created by GiDEL, include PROC_HILS (Hardware In the Loop) to enable users to develop in Simulink; PROC Wizard to generate an application driver for the FPGA code and the PROC Multiport core to simplify optimisation of high system performance.GiDEL products are used to accelerate and validate complex algorithms, for SoC and ASIC prototyping verification and as COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) processing accelerators.

Application areas include military/aerospace, machine vision, medical imaging, automatic test equipment, banking, research and ASIC prototyping.


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