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JISC executive secretary calls for cloud computing investment

Malcolm Read, executive secretary of the UK's Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), has called for more investment in cloud computing. Speaking to policy makers, funders, vendors and researchers at a recent workshop in Belgium run by e-Infranet, which develops policies to promote world-class ICT infrastructures, Read said: 'In an uncertain funding climate it’s essential that we prioritise. Cloud computing can give universities access to economies of scale which offers real financial benefits – as well as the potential to improve your carbon footprint and deal more flexibly with the changing needs of students and staff in the fast-moving university environment.'

He continued: 'Researchers and higher education staff need to be able to trust the reliability and integrity of the cloud they use so we need to invest in better services and ensure that they meet the very specific needs of our academic communities.'

JISC’s studies last year revealed that few universities have formal polices on the adoption or use of cloud computing even though it is widely accepted that a centrally managed approach to contracting cloud computing services is required for real efficiency benefits. JISC is involved in a range of projects to investigate and support cloud computing for UK research.


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