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Japanese pharma company invests in data solution

Japanese company Chugai Pharmaceutical has signed a multi-year licensing agreement to use Genedata Expressionist, from Genedata, to streamline its internal R&D process.

'We are working with tens of thousands of GeneChip data sets. In the past, we were limited to normalising small batches at a time. With Expressionist we can normalise the entire data set in one go,' said Junichi Muroya, member of the bioinformatics team at Chugai Pharmaceutical. 'This has greatly increased processing speed, facilitated sophisticated statistical analysis and overall improved the quality of our results significantly.'

As part of their work in oncology and chronic diseases, researchers at Chugai have used Expressionist to perform a one-step, enterprise-wide normalisation on their entire microarray data pool. Expressionist was also used to standardise the workflow-based microarray quality control process and obtain fully comparable data for subsequent data analysis.


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