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Japanese academic institutions gain free sequencing analysis software

CLC bio Japan is collaborating with Riken Omics Science Center to deliver free licenses for CLC Main Workbench to all academic organisations in the Tohuku earthquake and tsunami disaster area.

Yoshihide Hayashizaki, director of the OSC, explained the motivation for the project. 'Compared to all the troubles that people are facing in the affected areas, continuity of research may not seem like the highest priority,' he said. 'However, we feel that it is our duty to assist our colleagues in any way we can to help them get through this difficult time. We hope this project will be useful to them.'

'After learning about what happened in Tohoku we felt an obligation to help. Providing free software obviously doesn't compensate for losing your home, but at least in some small way we can help the research institutions in the area get back on their feet,' said CEO of CLC bio Japan, David Leangen, and continued, 'When Riken heard about our project and proposed to help, we were grateful, as having Riken's help will allow us to reach a much bigger audience.'

The licenses CLC bio is donating, are forever owned by the organisations that choose to be part of the outreach program. CLC bio Japan is also providing full support as well as upgrades for the first full year, after the licenses are installed.


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