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Intel CTO joins Interactive Supercomputing board

Interactive Supercomputing (ISC) has added Intel’s High Performance Computing CTO, Bill Camp, to its board of directors. Camp will join the board to help transition ISC from its hot startup phase to an established, mature market leader in high performance computing software.

ISC develops Star-P, a software platform that delivers interactive parallel computing power to the desktop. Star-P enables faster prototyping and problem solving across a range of security, intelligence, manufacturing, energy, biomedical, financial, and scientific research applications.

Camp currently leads Intel’s work in supercomputing as CTO of high performance computing. Previously, he was director of computation, computers, information and mathematics at Sandia National Laboratories, where he worked on massively parallel processing and founded the Massively Parallel Computing Research Laboratory in 1992. Camp also headed Cray Research’s Applications Technologies business and served on the design team for the T3E and follow-on scalable vector computers. At Intel, he is concentrating on many-core processor and system level architectures for the path from peta-scale to exa-scale computing.


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