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Intel acquires Whamcloud

In a statement appearing on Whamcloud’s website, CEO Brent Gorda has announced that Intel has acquired the company. Following the move, Gorda has been appointed to the position of general manager of the High Performance Data Division at Intel.

The statement reads as follows:

Dear Valued Customer:

On July 13, 2012, Intel Corporation acquired Whamcloud. On behalf of Intel Corporation, I want to take this opportunity to assure you of Intel’s commitment to our current and future customers as well as a seamless transition.

The Whamcloud acquisition extends Intel’s software and service portfolio in the high performance computing space in addition to reinforcing Intel’s position in the open source community. Working as one company, we are now in a stronger position to advance our mutual goals and continue providing vendor neutral solutions, delivering greater value to our customers, and moving the industry to exascale performance.

In the near term, please continue contacting the same Whamcloud representative you have been working with prior to the acquisition until directed otherwise through future communications.

The sales support and order management system provided by Whamcloud prior to the acquisition will continue in a ‘business as usual mode’ for the near future. Please be assured that as transition plans progress, we will provide you with detailed updates. Our goal is to make the transition as easy as possible for our customers.

As former president and CEO of Whamcloud and now General Manager of the High Performance Data Division at Intel, I can assure you Intel is excited about this acquisition and values your business. We look forward to working with you during this transition and in the future. Thank you in advance for your support.


Brent Gorda
GM, High Performance Data Division
Intel Corporation

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