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IDBS provides E-WorkBook to Seattle Genetics

IDBS, a global provider of innovative data management, analytics and modelling solutions, has announced that Seattle Genetics, a leader in antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) development, has selected its E-WorkBook product.

E-WorkBook supports a broad range of scientific disciplines within one single platform, increasing operational efficiency through secure and flexible management of all research and data. It reduces deployment time and administration, by enabling all experimental data to be available for more efficient analysis and easier sharing. It can also be integrated ‘just in time’ for rapid, informed decision-making. 

Neil Kipling, CEO and founder of IDBS, said: 'To be able to capture, integrate and retrieve all scientific data in real-time revolutionises drug R&D as well as producing a measurable return on investment. Having the wealth of your scientific information only a click away enables faster, better decision-making. It also allows peer-to-peer collaboration, which is at the core of innovation. This leads to faster progress of good projects, which is the purpose of any R&D organisation.'

When supported by top-quality data management, workflow and reporting, scientists can focus on the science rather than spending time searching through countless documents. E-WorkBook can help scientists save between five and eight hours a week by enabling users to find data faster, as well as completing projects and reporting quicker. 


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