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HyperWorks implemented at Sogeti High Tech

Altair Engineering has revealed that its HyperWorks suite of simulation and CAE software is now used as standard by Sogeti High Tech, a German engineering and consulting firm with customers in the aerospace, automotive, energy, defence, and transport sectors.

The company uses Altair's HyperMesh and HyperView, the pre- and post-processing modules within the HyperWorks suite, OptiStruct for optimisation tasks and for the design and optimisation of composite components, and partner products included in the HyperWorks Partner Alliance programme for fatigue and process simulation. All tools are applied to projects in the aerospace, rail and defence industries and for the internal test and research of new materials.

'We were seeking a one-tool solution to enable process oriented work, which is exactly what HyperWorks offered,' said Carlos Ribeiro, business group manager of analytical numerical simulation at Sogeti High Tech. 'We started off with HyperMesh, which I consider one of the best meshing and pre-processing environments available on the market because it is fast, efficient, and offers an open platform that supports our development processes. Additionally, the other products, which we can access via the HyperWorks Partner Alliance, help us in our everyday work.'

'In our business it is crucial to use the software environments our customers require us to use,' added Francis Gilly, business unit manager of technology at Sogeti High Tech. 'HyperWorks offers an open platform that can be used with any solver our customers require. It also gives us access to a broad range of best-in-class CAE tools, with just one license without additional costs. This helps us to be as flexible and efficient in our consultancy work as our customers expect us to be, while consolidating our software investments. This provides us with an important competitive advantage.'


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