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HyperWorks accelerates aerospace materials development

Altair Engineering has announced that Aerostruktur Faserverbundtechnik, a Germany-based aerospace supplier, has chosen HyperWorks, Altair's computer aided engineering (CAE) suite, to reduce modelling time and to accelerate the overall development process.

Aerostruktur Faserverbundtechnik specialises in design, development, and manufacturing of complete airborne structures and components. The company has broad expertise in design and manufacturing techniques involving fibre-reinforced plastics and started to use HyperWorks in May, 2009, with the suite’s pre- and post-processing tools: HyperMesh and HyperView, as well as the suite’s solver, Radioss. All tools are used for basic engineering design work, including structural analysis in the aviation and aerospace field, but also for military applications.

'The decision to switch to HyperWorks was especially driven by the fact that HyperMesh is much faster and more flexible than any competitor’s tool we have tested,' said W. Hoffmann, managing director at Aerostruktur Faserverbundtechnik. 'Quick meshing and geometry clean-ups can be done a lot easier and are partly automated, which saves us considerable modelling and meshing time. Furthermore, HyperWorks will help us to streamline our core activity, the development of advanced structures of fibre-reinforced plastics.'


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