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HPC market rebounds to $38.1 billion

The latest market report from Intersect360 finds that the traditional worldwide High Performance Computing market at $38.1 billion at the end of 2022, a year-over-year increase of 8.1% from 2021. The expanded HPC-AI market grew at an even higher rate of 11.3%, reaching $44.4 billion.

The report details both markets, not including an additional $17.9 billion spent by the Hyperscale market on AI and HPC infrastructure in 2022. Other complex industry dynamics incorporated into the forecast include the broader adoption of AI, slowing migration toward cloud, and the dawn of Exascale supercomputing.

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This report presents multiple views of the market for infrastructure for HPC and AI. The “traditional HPC” market view represents HPC user budgets. In most cases, these environments have evolved to include machine learning as part of their overall workloads, and HPC budgets have generally increased because of machine learning; they are still essentially HPC budgets, for systems that would have existed regardless of machine learning. The “expanded HPC-AI” view incorporates the growing effect of spending on scalable infrastructure for AI workloads that is not associated with an HPC budget, i.e., spending that only exists for the sake of machine learning, not HPC. This usually relates to the training of AI models, although in some cases we find scalable clustered systems used for AI inference.



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