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Healthcare body injects Translational Research Solution

InforSense has released its Translational Research Solution, which provides out-of-the-box tools and capabilities to integrate basic scientific research data and techniques with clinical research to improve disease understanding and patient care.

Healthcare institutions, such as Erasmus Medical Centre, are using the Translational Research Solution in their research.

Peter van der Spek,
head of Erasmus Centre for Bioinformatics said: ‘We are actively working in the areas of gene expression, image analysis and Genome Wide Association Studies and needed a platform that enables us to bring these different technologies and data sources together with clinical patient data.’

The InforSense Translational Research Solution provides a framework to integrate and analyse clinical, patient specimen and experimental data for translational research. It enables different user groups to integrate data and construct analysis workflows which can then be deployed to a wider scientific audience. This unified system is able to utilise any experimental technique to support the identification of biomarkers, including Genome Wide Association studies, gene expression, proteomics and image analysis. The ability to integrate these techniques means that they can be easily analysed and compared.


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