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Granta partnership offers new gateway

Granta Design, the materials information technology experts, has announced a new Foundation Software and Technology Partnership with Siemens PLM Software. The partnership is providing tight integrations between Granta’s materials information management system and NX software, Siemens PLM Software’s fully integrated computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis solution.

This enables validated materials property data and models to be quickly and consistently accessed and applied from within NX, providing fully-traceable inputs for designs and simulations. The first product from the partnership, Materials Gateway for NX, is now available.

Engineers and designers need quick, reliable access to a wide range of complex materials, process and environmental information for their designs, calculations and simulations. Working with some of the world’s top engineering enterprises, Granta has developed a powerful system for capturing, analysing and managing all of a company’s materials data—for example, from testing, R&D or previous design experience.

This is complemented by Granta’s own catalogue of materials property reference data, which covers metals, plastics, ceramics, composite materials, and more. Materials Gateway enables this entire resource to be accessed and applied by authorised engineers throughout the enterprise, within their routine workflows.


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