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German university deploys storage solution

The University of Lubeck, Germany, has deployed Isilon scale-out NAS as its primary storage repository for all its medical and scientific departments. The Isilon IQ X-Series helps accelerate data access for researchers, faculty and students, while reducing storage management to less than one full-time equivalent (FTE).

'As our university continues to grow and expand the scope of both our research and education projects, we need a central storage resource that can unify data access for our wide array of academic and scientific operations,' said Helge Illig, engineer, Institute for Medical Computer Science, University of Lübeck. 'Isilon's ability to centralise our file-based data and applications onto a single, easily scalable file system that requires very little hands-on management is an unbeatable advantage.'

Working with Isilon value-added reseller RZNet AG, the University of Lübeck deployed Isilon IQ, featuring its OneFS operating system, to unify file-based data and applications for a range of medical, scientific and academic departments. Using Isilon's SmartQuotas data management software, the University of Lübeck can easily provision its Isilon cluster across different user groups, providing highly concurrent data access to speed research and enable greater academic collaboration. Additionally, with Isilon's SnapshotIQ data protection software, the university can take an unlimited number of data snapshots to ensure its critical information is always secure and immediately available.

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