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Genomics software platform aids research at Riken Omics Science Center

Riken Omics Science Center (OSC), a Japanese research centre focusing on developing genome-wide technologies, has implemented CLC Bio's high-throughput sequence analysis infrastructure to manage and analyse large quantities of genomics data. The software platform will empower both OSC's scientists and OSC's Genome Network Analysis Service (GeNAS).

Riken OSC facility director, Dr Carsten Daub, commented: 'It is customary for us to develop our own in-house software that is tailor-made to our very specialised needs. However, we were very impressed with the performance and flexibility of CLC Bio's software for a wide range of high-throughput sequence analysis projects and decided that it would be faster and more efficient for us to adopt their enterprise platform.'

CEO at CLC Bio, Thomas Knudsen, added: 'This agreement accentuates the importance of the Japanese market to CLC Bio. To stress our commitment to our operations in Japan, we're already planning further expansions of CLC bio Japan.'


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