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GenoLogics signs agreement with Pfizer

GenoLogics has signed a three-year global agreement with Pfizer to provide informatics solutions to its research labs.

 Under the terms of the agreement, GenoLogics will provide an enterprise enabled lab and data management system to capture, contextualise and integrate science data in multiple locations worldwide. In addition to implementing data standards across labs via a common informatics platform, GenoLogics will provide Pfizer with the tools to enable web-based collaboration, bioinformatics pipelining, auditability and reporting of cross-science data.

‘We required a vendor that provides a highly flexible and configurable solution that can be customised for a wide range of workflows and ever-changing technologies that are employed at our research centres,’ said Giles Day, head of BBC Informatics at Pfizer. ‘The GenoLogics informatics solution can be customised at the lab level, including instrument integrations and data imports, while allowing us to analyse data across sciences and labs.’


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