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Genohm and iSpecimen partnership connects sample inventories to the iSpecimen Marketplace

Genohm and iSpecimen have announced that Genohm has established a partnership with iSpecimen to enable users of the SLIMS laboratory information management system to connect to the iSpecimen Marketplace.

The partnership, through the new iSpecimen Data Connector Program, provides Genohm with technology integration support to connect its SLIMS system to the iSpecimen Marketplace and marketing support to promote the joint solution to Genohm’s customers and prospects.

Together, the combined solution adds new value to biorepositories and labs that use SLIMS by giving them a new way to spotlight their sample inventories more broadly and earn income from their use.

‘Healthcare organizations like Genohm’s customers are doing the hard work of collecting biospecimens, so it should be quick and easy to make their samples available to researchers who need them,’ said Dr Christopher Ianelli, founder and CEO, iSpecimen. ‘Although joining the iSpecimen Marketplace has always been easy for specimen suppliers, Genohm’s participation in the iSpecimen Data Connector program makes technology integration virtually automatic.’

Increased specimen utilisation will help Genohm users to make a bigger contribution to scientific progress and better fulfil the expectations of biospecimen donors. Meanwhile, researchers will gain quick access to a vast new network of healthcare organisations with hard-to-find, high-quality samples at the ready.

‘Many of our clients have built prodigious specimen libraries with great untapped value for themselves and for science,’ said Genohm CEO Frederik Decouttere. ‘The iSpecimen Marketplace Data Connector for SLIMS helps our clients quickly profit from the investments they’ve already made and expand their mission of contributing to scientific advancement.’


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