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Genci awardeds Caps entreprise with porting contract

Caps Entreprise has been awarded a research and development contract by Genci, a French national HPC research organisation, with the aim of allowing Genci's scientific users to port large scale applications to a hybrid system, comprising of their a large network of processors from individual end users' workstations to the national supercomputers located in CCRT (Computing Center for Research and Technology) and CINES (France's National Computer Center for Higher Education). Users within the French and European research and engineering communities already have access to Europe’s largest hybrid supercomputer installed in CCRT, which was provided by Bull and which includes Nvidia Tesla GPUs. The CCRT and CINES are supporting numerical simulations into scientific and societal research such as aerospace, vehicles, nuclear power, medical image processing, earthquake prediction, nanomaterials, climate modelling and astrophysics.

Caps Entreprise aims to provide end users of the systems with the ability to port and optimise applications in a record time. An efficient and portable hybrid application is automatically produced from the source code of the application, annotated with directives or pragmas. Caps Entreprise’s customers therefore benefit from a pragmatic and elegant solution to the porting of their legacy applications. The company's HMPP software product will be used.

The contract is the result of a recent call for proposals by Genci to the French scientific community. It is expected that a number of scientific projects will benefit from the introduction of the Caps solution.

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