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Future's Bright after Colfax tie-up

Bright Computing has announced a strategic partnership with Colfax International, a leading provider of workstations, servers, clusters, storage and personal supercomputing solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, Colfax International will include Bright Cluster Manager on its Intel Xeon E5 processor-based HPC clusters. This new 'Sandy Bridge' processor technology delivers groundbreaking performance for HPC applications, the companies say.

The new Colfax clusters are Intel Cluster Ready-certified, meaning that a wide variety of important HPC applications are ready to run without modification or tuning. Bright Cluster Manager is Intel Cluster Ready-compliant, creating a total solution with Colfax that enables users to load and immediately use their applications, without concern for system configuration, provisioning or management issues.

'Our partnership with Bright Computing is a key step in expanding our HPC product offerings,' said Gautam Shah, CEO of Colfax International. 'This partnership provides our customers with powerful, compute-ready HPC systems. Colfax customers can get to work immediately, without the complexity and time-consuming task of setting up and testing their clusters.'

Shah continued: 'More importantly, Bright Cluster Manager’s intuitive user interface enables our customers to easily manage their clusters, without the need for Linux or HPC expertise. They don’t need to be part-time system administrators – they can focus on what they do best: delivering results.'

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