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Fujitsu to resell Altair workload management software

Altair, a provider of simulation technology and engineering services, has announced that Fujitsu will resell Altair’s workload management software product, PBS Professional, as a component of Fujitsu’s recently announced high-performance computing (HPC) cluster software stack.

A leader in worldwide information and communication technology, Fujitsu is now an Altair global authorised reseller and will offer PBS Professional on all Fujitsu Primergy HPC computing systems. Fujitsu has also selected PBS Professional as the default workload manager for its Fujitsu Software HPC Cluster Suite (HCS) Advanced Edition, which includes such extended features as large cluster support and high availability, as well as support for multiple clusters at a single site.

'By providing our HPC users with first-rate workload management products like PBS Professional, Fujitsu is maintaining its leadership in simplified, reliable HPC computing solutions,' said Uwe Neumeier, vice president for global server business at Fujitsu.

'Altair is a leader in HPC software and services, and PBS Professional is the default product for commercial-grade workload management. We are happy to be partnering with Altair to provide the highest quality HPC solutions for our customers.'

Bill Nitzberg, chief technology officer for PBS works at Altair, added: 'With Fujitsu as an authorised PBS Professional reseller, Altair is ensuring our users have access to a broader range of HPC computing options. We are proud that Fujitsu chose PBS Professional for its top-level HPC Cluster Suite solution, which of course needs to offer the best available workload management for HPC users.'

The HPC Cluster Suite is a comprehensive, purpose-built software stack that includes a set of fully validated HPC software components for x86 HPC clusters. The stack combines the best-of-breed open source and proprietary software products and tools that ensure optimal usage of the Fujitsu Primergy x86 hardware platforms, along with ease of management and use.

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