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FFA signs deal with Statoil on seismic analysis software

Foster Findlay Associates (FFA) has signed a six-year worldwide deployment agreement for the use of AVI 3D seismic analysis software by Statoil. This agreement is associated with engineering expertise, software training and consultancy to support the deployment.

AVI (Advanced Volume Interpretation) is an advanced 3D seismic analysis application that is based on FFA's SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro software. In addition to all the functionality available in SVI Pro, AVI also includes the suite of advanced 3D seismic analysis capabilities that FFA has developed in collaboration with the oil company through an ongoing and successful research and development programme that is now entering its sixth year.

The agreement is aimed at ensuring that AVI is well integrated with other key applications in the oil company's software portfolio. In addition, it also provides a framework under which FFA training and consultancy services can be accessed by geophysicists and geologists globally, to obtain maximum benefit from AVI.


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