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Evolve Project aims to tackle big data processing

The European Commission is planning to tackle the challenges with big data processing with a project that has been launched under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. It aims to take concrete steps in bringing the big data, high-performance computing, and cloud computing technology into a testbed that will increase researchers ability to extract value from massive and demanding datasets. This could impact the way that big data applications by enabling researchers to process large amounts of data much faster.

Evolve uses an advanced HPC computing platform [from ATOS/BULL], with large memory, accelerated processing, fast communication, and high-performance shared storage [based on DDN’s Infinite Memory Engine (IME)]. Evolve designs a versatile software stack that employs existing data processing engines with proven flexibility and wide acceptance in data processing applications. The computing platform is planned to use a combination of technologies FPGAs and GPUs, RDMA based interconnect and large memory servers.

Initially funded and launched in December 2018, EVOLVE is a €14 million Innovation Action comprising of 19 organisations from 11 European countries.

Evolve’s testbed will be demonstrated through pilots in seven fields: agri-production, maritime surveillance, sentinel-2 satellite imaging, bus transportation, mobility services, predictive vehicle maintenance, and automotive services. In all cases, domain experts are working on models that provide accurate predictions and data processing and validation techniques over massive datasets, in an effort to improve substantially the efficiency of existing or introduce new services in the respective domains.

Evolve’s consortium is composed of 19 organisations from 11 European countries with expertise in several technological domains.


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