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Environmental testing lab chooses data management solution

Texas-based environmental testing laboratory A4 Scientific has selected LabCore to automate its CLP data package creation.

Reddy Paknati, president of A4 Scientific, said: 'The process of creating, assembling and tracking all data and documents required for a full CLP report is very time consuming and difficult to manage. I have had an interest in a paperless system that would automate this process for some time. I believe LabCore offers a unique solution that can seamlessly tie all our lab informatics systems together and rapidly produce and assemble full CLP reports, which saves our lab thousands of hours and expedites the delivery of these reports to our customers.'

LabCore's solution intercepts and extracts instrument data, scanned documents, electronic documents, email, LIMS/external data and associated metadata such as work order and customer numbers. The documents and data are automatically transmitted to the LabCore Report/Data Package Manager, which tracks content and assembles the specified report when all required documents and data are available. This report can then be delivered by a variety of mediums such as download, email and CD. All documents and data are stored in a central searchable repository under strict document management controls including versioning, audit trails and digital signatures.


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